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Daniel Bissonnette

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14-year old Daniel Bissonnette is recognized as one of the World’s top 100 most influential Vegans. He’s also one of the most in demand Health/Nutrition Youth Keynote speaker in the world, an Award-Winning Activist and Best-Selling Author. What started out as a bullied elementary school boy who wanted to help a few kids eat healthier, has taken Daniel on a journey far beyond his classroom walls… Since the age of 9, after giving a viral talk, Daniel began to speak on stages of leading Health events across Canada, the US and the UK. By 11, he became a Signature Speaker with the largest health show franchise in Canada and published his Best Selling book “Daniel’s BREAKFAST Burst” which quickly became a hit featured in popular magazines, radio, TV, purchased by celebrities and helped more kids around the globe eat a healthier breakfast than any other book! 

By 12, he was ranked in the World’s top 100 most Influential Vegans and joined the non-profit organization “Borneo Wildlife Preservation” to help with reforestation and pygmy elephant rehabilitation. At 13, he was named one of the “15 most Influential Vegans of all time!” and honored with the Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion by Supreme Master Ching Hai. Over the years, Daniel has delivered 100’s of presentations at conferences, expos, consumer shows, community groups, food companies, schools, institutes and non-profit organizations on topics ranging from health, nutrition, biohacking, the environment, motivation and entrepreneurship. In his recent work “Genius Mode – the Biology of Greatness”, Daniel shares breakthrough science on a never before discussed topic – the altering of our DNA to Genius. “We have the capability to go into our Genetic Code and rewrite it. Genius is something you CAN Become because it’s a Built-In Mechanism and there’s an exact science to doing so!” says Daniel as he shares his top practices to increasing Brain Power, Intelligence, developing Physical and Mental Resilience and turning ON our GENIUS expression. Curious on how you can get GENIUSIFIED? Go to DanielBissonnette.comand Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and catch the weekly “Daniel Show” on YouTube to learn more… Social media: Instagram:… Facebook:… YouTube:… Website: