Evidence-Based Behavior Modification Models + EQ + Yoga = Love, Joy & TRANQUILITY®, with a Laugh!

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Are you prepared to put you & your children in a position to consistently succeed? In an environment free of stress, while having the time of your life doing IT?

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Show us by your involvement and commitment during your first 10 days that your children are worth having a Tranquility in your home.

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We help you transform:

Behavioral Madness

Self Management





Why is this transformation through Tranquility so important?

Everyone deserves to live, learn & interact stronger & wiser. In turn, everyone builds more resilience, love & joy.

The Alternative to Traditional Therapy.

Active Listening

Eliminates perception filtering

Honest communication

Engaged the head and the heart

Gaining clarification

Being attentive and present in the moment


Improves concentration and attention

Enhances cognitive control

Increases positive behaviors

Cultivates compassion for self and others

Reduces stress and anxiety

Common Sense Strategies

Easily implementable

Immediately effective

Develops new habits

No over thinking necessary

Practical thinking

Social and Emotional Learning

Control impulses

Manage stress

Emotional awareness

Empathy and understanding

Setting healthy boundaries

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